What to expect on your first visit.

Our practice is committed to providing you and your family with safe, gentle, and state-of-the-art dental care. We understand that you, or your child, may feel anxious about visiting the dentist; you are not alone. Our practice puts forth an extra effort to make sure that you are comfortable and happy every time you visit us. You can always count on receiving individual attention from our doctor and staff.

You Will Need:

When you arrive at the office you will be asked to fill out a Medical History. This includes:

  • A list of your medications
  • Your Insurance information
  • Name of your Physician
  • List of Allergies

Along with the above, prior to your appointment, we ask that you reach out to your current/previous office for any records or x-ray images they might have.

We will then start off by taking some digital x-ray images followed by a full exam. This includes, checking your soft tissue, documenting existing work and any work that is needed. We will also check for Periodontal disease. At that point, we will determine what treatment is most urgent, and we will categorize them in a treatment plan for you. At the conclusion of your New Patient appointment, we will go over the treatment plan with you and schedule any further appointments.